Build a Family/Multi-plan - Save 5%:

Click the “Select Plan…” dropdown below to choose an Adult or Student plan. Then type in the family member’s email before clicking “add to family plan.” Repeat this for each member of your family, then scroll down and click “proceed to checkout.”

Receive a FREE pack of Lost and Found Smart Tags from Speechee Finder with an AKKO Family plan! ($20 value)


Protects (1) Phone + 25 items. All makes/models or any devices, used, new, or refurbished are OK.

Note: (1) plan is intended for one individual, not to be shared for multiple people. For example, if you have 2 adults and 2 kids in your family, purchase 2 adult and 2 student plans. Household/shared items can be added to one of the adults’ plans.

Review Your Plan: